Monday, 25 July 2011

Dammit, I got sucked in by the Star Wars deleted scenes press release

Yeah, it goes without saying that we all got off the Star Wars bus at around the same time. For me, it was the moment that Liam Neeson uttered the line: "You hear that? That is the sound of a thousand terrible things coming this way," which, for me, is the yardstick by which all bad dialogue can be judged. Then there's the whole Lucas the cultural desecrator thing, with each repackaging of the series digging away at what was left in my heart of the child that stood in line for hours with his dad to get in to see them first time round.

But God damn you, Lucas, there's something almost untainted about the raw footage in this clip for the forthcoming Blu-ray extras which could almost make up for the many of those failings.

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  1. I'm with you on that Neil, the deleted scenes are cool for certain. But I think Star Wars is just one of those places I don't need to visit ever again. I've been there so often in the past that it's burned into my mind. A bit like Pitsea.