Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Treat yourself : download DJ Melo's moombahton edit of Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks

Ah, email. So often the bearer of press releases so bland that even mustering the energy to delete them is a struggle. Not the one I got within the past few minutes. No, that one contained a new edit from DJ Melo, one of the safest pairs of hands on the moombahton scene. Having grown with the sound, Melo has honed hius skills to the point where he always turns in top-drawer, impressive productions, with his impeccably smooth beats always matched by an ear for rich mood and texture - his is always a deep sound, whether its an airhorn banger or a more sedate, slick latin-soaked workout.
You can hear all that for yourself in said edit, which I'm passing on to you kids. Taking Foster The People's already blissful, dreamy and Summery Pumped Up Kicks, it's now all the more blissfuler, dreamier and Summeryer, and all the more seductive and swish, thanks to our friend from Arizona.

Here you go...

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