Monday, 6 June 2011

This week we are all morally obliged to watch…

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... Angry Boys, Chris Lilley's new comedy. Now, I must have fairly high hopes for this, as I'm overlooking the fact that it's on the ever-unfragant BBC Three, the station 'that has all those Russell comedians that they have nowadays,' as Stewart Lee puts it.

The culturally astute among you will recall Summer Heights High, Lilley's previous obsvervationy mockumentary series, which ploughed the same ridiculous furrow, with Lilley admirably boasting an almost Sacha Baron-Cohen-esque ability to completely disregard any self-respect or decency-paramater awareness in his quest for cheap laughs. Trailer ici:

Now, that trailer doesn't do it any favours, as it containing virtually zero gold, but that doesn't mean it won't be worth watching, as anybody who recalls Annabelle Dickson: The Musical from Summer Heights High will attest.

Angry Boys starts on BBC Three this Tuesday at 10.40pm.

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