Saturday, 6 March 2010

Joy by Primary numbers


OCP gave Robocop four Prime Directives. PCCP is giving you just one: make a hole in your brain for The Blues, a floaty, yet rock-solid little electro-soul number from soon-to-be-cropping-up-in-magazine-hot-tip-nibs outfit Primary 1. It has a heavenly, childlike glockenspiely riff piled on top of brow-mopping synth washes, set off against sweetly flutter-soul vocals, tin-hatted by the neverending sultry bliss that is the vocal chords of Cardigan's singer-lady Nina Perrson. It is nice.

I know precious little about Primary 1 man Joe Fiory. This is partly due to a pre-post-modernist / post-cult-of-celeb stance on my part of not allowing humanising detail to colour my opinion of art, but also because I am ostensibly lazy and the press release gave me no info of note (tho his previous collabo with Riton may suggest an explanation for the Krauty metronomic undercarriage).

What's also an encouraging sign is the wealth of ideas going on in their Mess Detectives demos - a smooth soulful thread passes through scrunched beats, electronic fiddling to Detroit Grand Pooobahsy astoundiness (Ploy - now that's a track, that).

Anyway, here you go...

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