Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Good Week part 1: LCD Soundsystem return

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There is a big vat of regard for James Murphy here at PCCP, so new LCD Soundsystem business is a cause for giddy schoolgirl rejoice.

The forthcoming album - supposedly the last, said the New Yorker unto Zane Lowe - is getting the default rosy feedback, with The Quietus hinting that it's all you could hope for, though this time the everso beloved disco-kraut-punk-acid has had the edges sanded down, making it more mass humanity-friendly – you can kinda hear that in Drunk Girls, which appeared over the net and can be streamed over here at Pitchfork.

Murphy already seems to be looking over the horizon: as well as his LCD business, he's scored the new Ben Stiller / Noah Baumbach film Greenberg, which has Murphy scooting off into gentler, more pensive climes, filled with the kind of Seventies comedown rock, an expansive west coast sound, where the bitterness of the failure of the hippy generation is expressed by blissed-out rich men recording at the bottom of pit of disappointment. Don't worry, that makes sense in my head.

Does this help?

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