Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Now you too can become a Hollywood tough guy in just 28 days!

"All my life I've been the kind of guy who gets sand kicked in his face - but not any more, thanks to the Blood Bros' all-new Heaven 2 Hell mixtape, out now from those crazy bastards at Mad Decent records! All you need to do is listen to its hairy-chested blend of power-chord-encrusted, ball-busting, Aviators-wearing, bad-guy-smashing 80s-movie soundtrack rock* for just 28 days and you too will be transformed into the kind of shit-kicking badass who can wear a leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up while emerging from a cloud of dry ice. Simply pop the mp3 into your portable tapedeck and a trip to Tesco to get a box of doughnuts transforms into your own private training montage sequence. Thanks, Blood Bros!"

The Blood Bros' Heaven 2 Hell mixtape is available now, priced just £0.00.

Get your copy here!

*mixtape may contain really ridiculous weedy synths that kill the macho buzz a smidge.

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