Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nice one, London Film Festival

The line-up for the London Film Festival was announced today, which I'll have a rifle through soon enough.

While they're going out on a limb by programming the critically ooh-Jesus-really?-not-sure-let-me-get-back-to-you W.E., Madonna's allegedly shit/okay-ish new film (depending on how charitable you are), I think that's more than chalked off by the fact that they've also scheduled The Artist, Michael Hazanavicius' supposedly ravishing silent movies tribute. This got a lot of love from Cannes, providing a welcome distraction from the gravitas-gloomcore tagteam of Terence Malick's Tree Of Life and Lars von Trier's Melancholia.

Here's the trailer for your peepage, though it may be worth noting that the Weinsteins have their paws on it now, so they may have asked for dialogue to be added and for the black and white footage to be full technicolour by the time we get to see it. They have form, you know.

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