Monday, 21 March 2011

What Mr Oizo did next: Rubber

That's the quintessential paper stone scissors stalemate right there
 Well, he's actually done loads since the Flat Beat/Flat Eric thing way back when, and apols for doing his back catalogue a disservice by reducing his career to the one thing that he's long since moved on from (though I did stumble on his cracking version of It Takes Two a while back), but Quentin Dupieux's latest project is piquing far more interest chez PCCP.

Having also since made a name as a film-maker, his latest movie is probably the oddest addition to the serial-killer genre canon ever: Rubber, the story of a tyre that goes on a killing spree. Now, obvs not everyone is going to get on this, in fact, it's already had its share of meh reviews after its premiere at Cannes ("Nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is," reckons Variety, who were more polite than Twitch: "intellectual wankery of the highest order"), but it's wilful 'No Reason' dadaist outlook has meant that it's caught the interest of others, including The Huffington Post, whose quote I can't at this precise moment be arsed to edit, but suffice it to say it was nice and positive.

As will become apparent over time, here at PCCP the kettle will always be on and the biscuits will always be out for anyone who tries to do something different from the herd, and I'm pretty intrigued to see how Dupieux pulls off what is clearly a tricky balancing act, making a arthouse comedy horror with a clearly ridiculous central premise. Review soon come on PCCP, so not long to wait to find out.

Rubber is released on DVD here in the UK on April 11, but the film is also having a brief run in cinemas, specifically, on these nights:

Saturday 26 March - Flatpack Festival @ Electric, Birmingham

Tuesday 5 April - Celluloid Screams presents @ Sheffield Showroom Cinema

Friday 8 April - Midnight Movies and Culture Shock present @ The Ritzy, Brixton

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