Tuesday, 23 November 2010

So When LCD Soundsystem Said No More Albums...

Tweet Me from Pop Culture Care Package 

...they should have put a little asterisk next to it with the words '*apart from this live album recorded at the Ally Pally' in tiny 6pt text.

Not that I'm moaning. Bag it, along with the Hot Chip set from the same night, here.

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  1. Oo cheers for that monkey. I've just snagged a copy of their London Sessions thingy, so this will compliment it nicely. Did you see them on this tour? We managed to see them at venue in Copenhagen. One of their few non festival dates I think. Facking good they were too. The hearing in my right ear sounded like it was being put through a distortion pedal for a couple of days after though. Proper scared me it did.