Monday, 28 June 2010

Go On RZA, Get It Out Of Your System, You'll Feel A Lot Better

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I'm unsure if the kung-fu community has a New Year's Honours List, but if it does, then RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan must be somewhere near the top of it, just below Hong Kong Phooey and a little bit above Cynthia Rothrock.

Having spent lord knows how many years lacing his collective's tracks with references to the Shaw Brothers's movies, helping Tarantino score Kill Bill Vol1, rereleasing little-known kung-fu flicks and trying to get IKEA to introduce a range of 36th Chamber Of Shaolin bedroom units, he's now settled into what may be his ultimate aim - directing his own martial-arts epic, The Wu-Tang Clan Vs The Golden Phoenix, The Playlist reports.

It's been a long-term labour of love, ten years in fact, and there's no scheduled date for it, so it may well slip off the radar. The story is that RZA wants this to show Hollywood that he's capable of handling a movie. Judging by this new trailer, it may only show how many kung-fu films he's seen. Which we kind of knew anyway. Oh well.

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